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6 New Personal Strategies for 2021 – How to Make Your Career New Year’ Resolutions Come True

2020 was one of those years, unprecedented they call it. With the pandemic came its baggage, job losses, increasing consumer prices index, mental tiredness, inflation and with the announcement of a second wave of the Covid-19,  fears as to what the future holds in 2021 for most career professionals may likely arise.

If you are on the list of  those professionals, you may have resolutions for the year and are currently in dread where to start. Sadly, New Year’s resolutions are hardly ever kept as most people lack the mental sturdiness to triumph over the limitations they face that prevents them from effectively attaining their resolution.

According to research,  at least 50% of humans  set out to establish New Year’s resolution but fewer than 10% actually retain their decision until the 5th week.  With life pressures and other accompanying factors most people  quit within six months, and only about 8%  remain committed to attain their resolutions.

Despite this statistics and the doom and gloom on the News, having a clear path and plan for the year can boost your possibilities for career fulfillment this year. If you have ever heard of the saying “if wishes were horses, then beggars will ride”. Then you will simply  understand that no one ever achieved anything by wishing but with intentional planning .

The following  strategies can assist in propelling us towards the career we desire for the New Year

1.Build desire and optimism into your approach:-Albert Einstein said ” We cannot solve a problem on the level of consciousness that created it”. Inevitably if one desires change, then a different path must be plowed to get desired results. A tunnel vision and positive mindset are pivotal to goal attainment. Everything may be taken from a person but one component, the ability to sway one’s mind-set in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s personal way.” Choose deliberately.

2. Conduct a self-audit:-A self assessment helps to evaluate the current state of affairs in your professional life. Are you moving ahead or just standing still? Identifying the gaps in your career  can result in building the right bridges or sieving the weights to reach to your destination.Write down your desires and track them for the year:–What exactly do you want out of a career? higher earnings, career growth, work life balance, offshore experience? Writing the vision plain helps to put things in clearer perspective. Breaking goals into smaller goals and celebrating milestones is a great evaluation metric.

3. Identify your strength and weaknesses :- By understanding the positives and limitations in your present scenario you can consider how to enhance your individual circumstance with knowledge, professional certificates or decide if an alternate career is the way to go.

4. Seek out mentors who can help as soundboards or accountability partners to steer your career goals and desires.

5. Networking:-Surround yourself with a high quality community of people. Luckily these days, networking is virtually virtual. No pun intended. You know what they say, you are one connection away from your next career/job prospects.

Crucial to note that no plan will be clearly established without the desired hope . Believing that 2021 will be better than the previous years gives a sense of hope. Hope is described as “a feeling of expectation and choice for a sure thing to appear.” When things don’t appear the way we want it at the moment , keep flaming the desire. Hope is helpful for making our career resolutions come true regardless of limitations.: ” Whilst we don’t have crystal blls to look into the future , one thing we know is that ” Individuals who have  properly thought out their careers have a higher propensity of achievement. Having the right mindset is invaluable. Your mind-set will greatly impact your achievement this 12 months. Don’t take it lightly.

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