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Career resolutions for the New Year

It’s that time of the year again where we make new year resolutions with the aim of achieving something new. The one thing to note is that the resolutions will remain in the same spot if we do nothing to change habits i.e take actions. So with a little bit of help from us we are crafting a list with one thing which should at least be in your career resolutions this year.

  1. Write down your career resolutions:- Even go further by having a vision board. A vision board projects images of goals we desire. Those who said seeing is believing probably understood the role visualizing plays in achieving dreams.

2.Expand professional knowledge and training:-Change is the end result of all true learning. If you truly desire for your career resolutions to advance your career , then knowledge and training is pivotal.

3.Improve work performance:-Have a sit down with you manager and understand what is expected of you in your role. Take that on board and strive to work harder and smarter until your efforts are noticeable. This really takes getting good at something until you become indispensable.

4.Gain new experiences/ Grab opportunities:-These two go hand in hand , gaining new experiences involves trying something new that you never considered . It could be attending seminars, online courses and webinars, reading a new book every month or week, a professional accreditation, a post graduate degree or another degree becoming a mediator, arbitrator, joining the institute of chartered secretaries, an engineering course, improving financial literacy or even Microsoft office skills or trying your hands on coding or a new language. Grabbing new opportunities relates to seeing an opening that could provide a pathway to achieving your goals and seizing it instantly. So if that CEO or partner comes around, introduce yourself to him or her and let them know what outstanding work you have been doing, or if you see someone you aim to be like professionally, seek mentorship.

5.Strengthen professional relationships:– Network with professionals within and outside the legal profession. Lawyers networking events such as the NBA Annual Conference, the NBA Section on Business Law Nigerian Maritime Lawyers Association are good for mingling with like minds and other professional associations like the Petroleum Contractors Association, WIMBIZ , Lagos Chamber of Commerce are also good for hobnobbing. Always have your business card with you and after the event send an email expressing your pleasure in meeting them.

6.Increase earnings. We dare anyone to say they wouldn’t want this included in the list. This involves thinking outside the box or just getting a new job that pays higher. If we had tell you more, we’d start charging for it and increasing our earnings too.:)

7.Weed off the immaterial:- Prioritise your daily tasks and shed off the excessive time you spend on social media sites. Some people prefer to check for vacancies on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook instead of the website. The truth is being on these sites is also distracting and will dilute your focus. Allocate time to these sites and use your time wisely.

So any more resolutions you want to share, career or personal, feel free to comment below

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