Q:What is Legal Jobs

A: We are the 1st interactive niche Job Portal for Lawyers and legal professionals in Nigeria.

Q: How are you different from other Job Portals

A: We are not a career website aggregator and  are not distracted by other vacancies offered by the various disciplines.  Our sole aim is to create a remarkable user experience i.e that as a job seeker you get a suitable job role and hone your skills whilst at it . For the employer our added value is in assisting you in shortlisting the right candidates. For lawyers and small businesses, intelligent contracts. Most importantly, a win win for everyone.

Q: Am i guaranteed a Job if i use your site

A: We are not a full on recruitment agency. Whilst we will try our possible best to make this site offer the best user experience by sharing relevant jobs we do not guarantee any candidate a job. Getting a job is dependent on many factors, availability, skills, experience etc.

Q: I am an Employer, how do i ensure that the right candidates apply for the Job.

A. When your job listing is posted on our site, any candidate can apply for the Job and we are not in a position to filter who can apply. However if you have requested for shortlisted candidates to be sent to you, we will ensure that only suitable candidates are provided to you.

Q: Is it free to use the site

A: Absolutely! Candidates can apply and upload their CV/Resumes for free. Employers are also allowed to submit and manage their  Job listings for free.

Q: I am a Job seeker and i have been contacted by an Employer to pay some sort of candidate fees to get a job, is this authentic?

A: Employers are not expected to charge candidates fees or payments of any kind at any point during recruiting.

At times, LegalJobs can verify an employer’s listing  which will be listed in the Featured Jobs area on its site ,this means that we have done some additional work to check the validity of the originator however If you are contacted by one of these, you should never be asked to pay a fee for being hired.

Most times, employers will have an identifiable corporate account and never from a public email account, such as Yahoo!™, Gmail™, Google™, or Hotmail™.

If you’re contacted regarding a fraudulent employment proposal, we encourage you to be cautious and  never disclose personal or financial details to anyone as a response to an unsolicited e-mail request.

LegalJobs shall not be liable for any loss, actions, debts, claims, and/ or demands of any kind whatsoever that may arise as a result of any recruitment scam.

Q: I am an Employer, how can i get my job listing verified

A: Please send an email to us at recruit@legaljobs.com.ng. 

Q: I am a HeadHunter, can i get a list of your shortlisted candidates

A: Please send an email to us at recruit@legaljobs.com.ng

Q:I am an individual / business owner , how can i purchase any of your digital products?

A: Go to E-Shop, click on any product of interest and purchase, download link will be sent to your email address on purchase, it’s that easy.

Q:I need help with making career decisions, what should i be doing?

A:We will be happy to help, please book an appointment through our LegalJobs career clinic

Q: Can you recommend a good but affordable lawyer?

A: Please send an email to us at admin@legaljobs.com.ng

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us at jobs@legaljobs.com.ng