How to apply for legal internships in Nigeria

How to apply for a law internship in Nigeria

You have probably heard it a countless times that the value of internships in the legal profession can never be understated . This is true for the key reasons that it’s the groundwork or should we say exposure to this grand profession of ours and need we say, its always good for the Curriculum Vitae.  Whether paid or not ,law internships make up an important part of your career story as it allows for you to explore your options and chart your path. So when one of our LegalJobbers asked us for tips on getting internships with law firms in Nigeria, we decided to compile tidbits below:

1. Research: Some law firms have periods dedicated for interning while some have an all year round internship programme, doing  a bit of research will let you know the best time to send in your applications. We always recommend at least three months before your intended start date. Its okay to apply to the magic law firms or multinational companies but also focus on the small to medium size law firms and organisations

2. Networking: Ever heard the saying your network is your net worth.  The more people you inform that you are in need of an internship role, the higher the probability that you will swoop one up. Networking does not have to involve physical attendance , you can make use of your social media accounts as a networking medium. Every now and then LegalJobs gets  private messages on Linkedin, Instagram or Facebook from candidates asking about internship opportunities .

Target the connections that work in the industry or organisation of interest, send an introductory message, keep it polite,  short and precise. Explain that you will like to be kept aware of internship opportunities when available . Every once in a while, check in on some of these connections to remind them of your request but try not to pester your connections, it may put them off helping you.

3. Be Internship ready: We know right! what does that even mean? It is this simple, when we come across the profiles of prospective interns , it is obvious that they are not accidental in their pursuit of career growth. Their grades are good and in their law faculty, they are actively involved in chairing one committee or the other, mooting competitions, capital markets associations etc. No action shows ‘drive’ better than this . Keen interest in the legal profession is key at this stage, no one expects expertise .

4. Tailored Cover Letter and CV: This here is your selling point . Apply the same guidelines enumerated in ‘a lawyers cover letter’ . 

No one expects a comprehensive CV at this stage so just highlight area of interests and efforts towards expanding that interest. Cover letter format should entail, who you are, what you have achieved and why you are the best fit for the job. Always ensure that your CV and cover letters are customized and of course look out for grammatical and spelling errors.

5. Follow up :  Do not leave your application to luck. Be deliberate, follow up with a phone call or email, its usually better to put a call through. Ask to speak with the Practice Manager if it is a law firm or speak with the Talent Acquisition Manager/HR officer. Be confident but be polite, have details of your CV and Cover letter handy with the date it was sent and to which email address or address it was sent to. Ask when you can call back for a feedback or progress .

Below is a list of Law Firms and companies in Nigeria with internships opportunities

DETAIL  offers mentorship, career advisory, transaction opportunities and insight into a unique approach to the practice of law from a strictly commercial perspective. The internship opportunities are offered between June – November each year. Interested applicants should send their cover letter and CV to

Aluko & Oyebode offers various opportunities for students to engage in internship programmes at our offices. We select students for participation in our internship programmes based on academic achievement and excellence. Our interns have the chance to work with various lawyers over the course of their internships, as well as utilise our well-stocked library, state-of-the art office equipment, and other technologies designed to enhance our legal practice. Interested students can send their cv to the link

JBD & Co. Internship : As one of the leading law firms, they are frequently contacted by students seeking internships or work experience placements in our three law offices in Nigeria as part of our commitment to building young and viable upcoming lawyers in the legal profession in Nigeria. They are are pleased to be able to offer a limited number of student placements in our internship programmes each year.To be eligible for an internship, students should meet the following criteria;Currently studying Law, demonstrable interest in Litigation/public interest Law and social justice. You are expected to be  results driven, self motivated Law undergraduate of an accredited institution with demonstrable track record of strong academic performance (top 5% of class), and are interested in internship opportunity with us, . At the moment, they take one or two interns per year.Students can forward their enquiries to 

Osibogun & Partners’ internship programme offers positions to students and recent graduates with a commitment to a career in law and sound academic achievements. Our interns are given the opportunity to work on selected transactions and learn from our experienced and talented lawyers.A pply for a position today. Send your curriculum vitae and a covering letter to

Charles Anthony  Six slots exist at the  firm each year for interns from the Nigerian Law School. Two of their internship positions are reserved exclusively for recipients of the Professor Anthony Adeogun Memorial Prize for the best overall students in the law of contract and industrial law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lagos. Interns receive a small allowance during their internship and are allocated to dispute resolution and litigation practitioners so that they can gain a well rounded experience. Candidates would be well advised to apply to their Practice Manager by e-mail in good time as the competition for places is stiff.

Advocaat: If you are interested in building your career with them, contact us with your most recent curriculum vitae at

Stratchan Partners . To be eligible to apply, you must have completed a minimum of one year of an undergraduate law degree.Selections are made after thorough consideration of a candidate’s social and academic background including the candidate’s academic standing, leadership experience, past employment and extracurricular activities. Applicants are required to send their CVs/resumes, a cover letter (indicating the proposed duration of the internship) and a 2 page write up on “What you intend to bring to bear as an intern” to

Successful applicants will be contacted within 2 weeks of receipt of application and will be invited for an interview. Due to the high volume of applications they receive at Strachan Partners, offers will remain open for acceptance for 10 working days from the date of the offer. Failure to communicate an acceptance of the offer will be deemed to be a rejection of the said offer and will consequently lead to a withdrawal of the offer. The next successful applicant will be offered the internship placement in such circumstance. Their internship programs usually run for a period between one – three months however, longer periods may be considered. The internship opportunities are offered between May – November each year. Applications for Internships are only accepted between December 1st to April 30th each year. Interns will only be paid stipends to cover the cost of lunch and transportation during the duration of their programme.

Olaniwun Ajayi LP They offer individuals training to become world class professionals in the field of Law through their internship programmes. The program is divided into two-week, four-week, and six-week modules and is designed for undergraduates during their LLB degree course or graduates yet to attend Law School.For more send your CV

Banwo & Ighodalo B&I’s Internship Program is a four-week program, offering positions to exceptional students. The program entails immersion in our typical daily work; including trainings, presentations, and social events. Interns will be challenged to stretch themselves intellectually, gaining hands-on experience that will foster personal, professional and career development.

Program Schedule:

 Spring (February – April): Application period: 1st to 30th December

Summer (June – August): Application period: 1st to 30th April

Fall/Winter (October – December): Application period: 1st to 15th August

KMPG Undergraduate Internship
The Undergraduate Internship program is for candidates currently pursuing a university degree. The prospective candidate must have completed at least the second year of university, but must NOT be in final year. We invite candidates from all disciplines and courses with an outstanding interim academic record and an interest in the firms service offerings, across all divisions. Competitive and attractive compensation is rewarded upon completion.

Pricewaterhousecoopers (PwC) PwC is a leading professional services firm with offices across Nigeria. They also offer intership placement to students

Do you have any more places you will like to list or more tips on this subject matter, you can continue to list in the comments section below

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