Remote interview

How to prepare for Remote Interviews

Unprecedented times, disparate methods. The Pandemic has altered our customary ways of doing things and even though we were on pause for a bit, it appears the world is in motion again albeit in a very different mode. Many businesses have hurriedly adopted the use of technology to mitigate against business disruption and this has proved even more useful when sourcing its new hires. Remote everything is going to be the new norm for a long while and adapting to these times is the best way to show resilience, develop creativity and improve productivity. Once the email drops in that you have a remote interview scheduled, here are a few things to note ;

  1. Input in your calendar immediately:– Fortunately these days our smart phones come with calendars that auto syncs with our email folders. If yours doesn’t , immediately note the date, time and conferencing platform where the interview is to be held.

2. Prepare, prepare , prepare:– Although this seems like an obviousity, but data has shown that the reason many don’t ace an interview is partly due to the lack of preparedness. Preparation includes, research about the company, its business, any recently press releases, materials required but most importantly downloading and testing the usability of the conferencing platform . There are various platforms used for remote interviews these days Zoom, Microsoft teams, Googlemeet etc and it is crucial to get accustomed to the functionality of the chosen conferencing tool before the date of the interview.Never arrive late, rather join ten to fifteen minutes before the scheduled time, to exhibit efficiency and enthusiasm.

3. Invest in stable internet connection:-Another obvious but critical one. Even though internet connectivity issue is a common occurrence , disruptive internet breaks the flow in an interview and may likely hinder the clarity of the call this in effect impact on the interview. What we advise is to invest in two or three internet services, and the mobile phone data as well so you can switch internet when disruption occurs. It’s also a good idea to have phone credit so that you can suggest to the panel for a switch to audio conferencing should bad internet service interrupt the interview.

4. Turn on video:-Where the interview is to be held by a video conferencing platform, ensure the video is turned on and clear(wipe screen free from any debris) for the interviewers to see your facial expressions. You want them to connect with you as though you were physically present, remember that the effectiveness of communication that happens physically may be impacted by digital tools.

5. Dress professionally: Never assume that the notion you are addressed the way you dress will not apply here . Always dress professionally, and err on the side of formal clothes.

6.Create the right environment: No babies crying , music or horns blaring, people loitering around the space, they are all distractions and likely to make you seem unserious. Ensure good lighting, presentable work space and background. For those of us in countries where there is habitual power cut perhaps turning on the generator or inverter for the duration of the interview may be advisable.

There you go, take heed and ace that interview!